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College of Doctoral Studies



Build a strong foundation of leadership skills that can help you guide academic institutions or organizations by earning your online doctoral education degree. In this degree program, you’ll sharpen your analytical, critical and innovative-thinking skills. You’ll also learn how to apply educational leadership theory to strategic planning, 反过来帮助组织达到更高的高度.

灵活性是博士候选人的关键. That’s why all our courses are online and typically 8 weeks long. 而许多机构要求住校, our 8-week doctoral symposiums are 100% online — giving you the flexibility you need to complete your degree whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. Even better, you’ll begin your dissertation during your third course. That means you can organize the work into smaller segments and identify challenges quickly, 这样你就可以在你的学术旅程中更早地解决它们.

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The doctoral degree program length can vary by program expectations. Course extensions, research proposals, and research and dissertation can all impact the duration and cost of doctoral studies. That's why our doctoral support team is here to guide you every step of the way. 查看您所选择的程序的详细信息.

If you have questions, speak to our dedicated doctoral enrollment representative.

Skills you’ll develop with core doctoral education degree courses


  • 领导理论与原则
  • Change management
  • 教育中的法律、法规和合规问题
  • 在不同的教育环境中解决问题




Bureau of Labor Statistics job growth for postsecondary education occupations is projected to be as fast as average between 2022 and 2032.


  • Dean
  • Academic Affairs Dean
  • School Administrator
  • Students Dean
  • Academic Dean

*The Doctor of Education (EDD) will prepare learners to become transformational leaders who will strategically manage and lead complex educational organizations. The EDD does not lead to teacher licensure or any other professional licensure or certification. 

The BLS Projected Growth for 2021-2031 is published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This data reflects the BLS’ projections of national (not local) conditions. These data points are not specific to University of Phoenix students or graduates.


Doctor of Education 

You’ll take 12 core courses and 6 educational leadership electives with program-specific knowledge to help you build on the confidence and skills necessary to lead. The core courses cover foundational education leadership competencies, while the electives help you build skills in a specialized area of academic leadership. 


Educational Leadership: Prepare to lead with academic integrity as you focus on courses about academic structure, school financing, policymaking and faculty.

Curriculum and Instruction: Develop skills to help improve learning outcomes with courses related to curriculum development and policy, 以及教学和评估方法. 

Educational Technology: 想要彻底改变学生的学习方式? This track will explore implementing technologies into curriculum and teaching to make coursework more accessible.

高等教育行政: Gain skills to address complex educational challenges at the postsecondary level through research, planning, 财政监督和成果评估.

Tuition and financial aid


Tuition guarantee
Compare tuition costs and see how affordable a degree can be

Ways to pay — and save. Explore your options.

从拨款到转移信贷和联邦财政援助, there are a variety of ways to pay for school and save on tuition.

Financial Aid

联邦财政援助是来自美国政府的资金.S. Department of Education to help you pay for your college tuition and expenses.

Financial Aid


See if you qualify to use veterans’ education benefits or tuition assistance to help pay for school.


Transfer credits

Your prior eligible credits can cover a portion of your doctoral degree to help you graduate quicker.

Transfer credits

Employer Tuition Discounts

检查一下你的雇主是否提供学费补助, benefits, 或者学位补偿计划.

Employer Tuition Discounts

Student experience

Isabel A. Isabel A.

“Getting a doctoral degree is a bumpy journey but a rewarding one! What motivated me to keep going was my commitment to my education, my commitment to move forward with determination and discipline without giving up even when times got difficult. Studying at University of Phoenix gave me knowledge but also happiness, motivation and strength.”

—Isabel A.
MAED/AET 2015; EDD/ET 2020


“说实话,我从没想过自己会去攻读博士学位. The journey brought tears and joys and terminal friendships. 有几处曲折, but the experience and personal growth has been significant to my personal and professional growth.”

—Charlene R.
EDD/CI, 2015


Over 1 million alumni have earned their degrees while balancing work, school and life. So can you. 





Learn Online

Learn Online


一旦你选择了你的学位推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜, 从我们的日历中选择你的开始日期, apply for free and register before the deadline (usually one week before the program starts). Then you'll speak to an enrollment representative to begin class.

  • 没有申请费-没有义务!
  • 不需要SAT, GMAT或论文

Meet your college deans

Our college deans focus on developing a career-relevant curriculum. They bring industry experience to the classroom and lead a faculty of academic professionals with one goal in mind—to help you earn the skills you need to pursue your career.

Hinrich Eylers,副教务长

Hinrich Eylers, PhD



Lilia Santiague, PhD



推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜 continually accredited 由高等教育委员会(教统会), since 1978.


推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜长度为42个月, but completing it depends on a few factors including whether you take breaks during your program.

Completing this degree can help prepare you to take on the most senior positions in the field of education, 比如学校管理员.

Yes, all our courses are available online, including the doctoral symposiums. 你在8周内一次上一门课. You and your peers will engage in discussions, assignments and learning activities. Plus, you’ll learn from faculty who bring their own real-world experience. With several faculty members who have held positions as school administrators, you’ll learn practical knowledge and skills that are important to drive your career growth, 帮助您领导机构并提高学术成果.


Online Degrees



Online Degrees



Online Degrees


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