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Career support
for graduates

We provide continuous assistance to support you on your professional journey. The Career Services for Life® commitment encompasses a wide range of resources and offerings available to active students (1) and graduates (2) of our degree and certificate programs.

Career Navigator

Woman listening to music while working on career profile

Skills profile

Build your skills profile

Track all your skills that you’ve earned from your skills-mapped coursework, work and life experience in one place and find out how they apply to your career goals. Using the Job Explorer, you can even match those skills to jobs and measure how well your skills align, plus identify areas where you can upskill.

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Explore potential career options

Evaluate career paths based on your interests, degree program and more. Browse and compare projected job growth, daily tasks, skills required, related job titles and salary range for different careers.

laptop open with a person using the University of Phoenix job explorer


Discover jobs that match your skillset

No matter when you graduated and where you are in your career journey now, discover open positions that are actively seeking to hire. Filter your search to fit your needs, such as experience level and remote work, and apply when you're ready.

man using laptop to review his career goals


Track your progress

Review saved careers and job titles, identify career goals and understand what skills you need to prepare for your next move. As Phoenix alumni, you'll have access to these resources throughout every stage of your professional life.

Career coaching

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Grow with personalized career coaching

Whether you're trying to break into a new field or you're navigating next steps in your current career, we offer alumni career support at any step.

With a 1:1 career advisor, you can:

  • Build a focused resume to showcase your skills and experience
  • Prepare for an upcoming job interview
  • Create a personalized career action plan based on your goals

I really enjoyed this interaction and found it as a necessary first step in order to form my strategy for my career development. Thank you.

Raymond Cotton

BSN ‘23

I really enjoyed this interaction and found it as a necessary first step in order to form my strategy for my career development. Thank you.

a screenshot of the PhoenixLink™ Network

Make more powerful connections

It’s more than a directory of peers, it’s a network of those who understand your journey. Complete your profile on the PhoenixLink ™ Network and start connecting.

Continue your education

Graduating student holding their diploma and clapping

Alumni tuition benefits

Jump right back into your next degree with exclusive alumni tuition rates. You could enjoy savings of up to $2,880 on your bachelor’s degree or up to $4,400 on your master’s degree. Plus, alumni can explore a scholarship opportunity valued at up to $2,000.

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Get 50% off Professional Development courses

In as little as 30 hours, you can refresh your resumé with the career-relevant skills employers value in high-growth fields.

While these courses are designed for personal and professional development, they do not provide any professional development units or credits (PDUs or CEUs) from the University of Phoenix. If you plan to use this course for professional development units or credits, you will need to check with any applicable agency and employer.

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1. Active student
Active student is defined as a University of Phoenix degree of certificate student who has attended a course within the last 30 days or is on an approved leave of absence.

2. Graduate
Graduate is defined as an individual who has successfully completed a University of Phoenix degree or certificate program.